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  • The post

    July 9, started as any other day. I woke up, went to work, came home, and logged into Facebook. But little did I know what I was going to witness once I was there.

  • Finding unity through our differences

    As February draws to a close, I want to take a moment to recognize the importance of our cultural observances. Throughout the year, these observances give us a chance to learn about different cultures and how their unique histories enrich our military.

  • F4EO-An unscripted approach to suicide prevention

    A new suicide prevention campaign called Fight for Each Other, or F4EO, is bringing all military branches on the island of Oahu together with the goal of reducing the number of military suicides through a different style of training.

  • How are you living your dash?

    Have you ever given thought to what a dash can represent? It meant little to me until Dec. 26, 2010, when my Dad lost his battle with cancer. As the oldest child, I was charged with coordinating funeral arrangements, to include writing his obituary. Summarizing my Dad's short, but rewarding life,

  • Finish the Fight: An Airman’s journey through Army combatives

    I walked into the 2-14 Calvary Squadron’s gym with a confidence my fellow classmates found unsuspecting. After all, I was the only member wearing tiger stripes and gold rank on my collar. And, in all honesty-I loved it. Although I’m a young Air Force officer at the age of 23, I’ve already heard all

  • Ohana … Comes in Many Different Forms

    The first time I heard the word “ohana” was nearly two years ago as I was lucky enough to take command of the 15th Wing. Ohana means family, and it is definitely a concept that comes in many forms. It can be your immediate family, your extended family, your work family, your community and many

  • Remember the Value of Your Service

    To the men and women of Pacific Air Forces and to our veterans from all services, please accept my very sincere "thank you." You have answered our Nation's call, and I'm humbled by your service. This Monday marks the 95th anniversary of the signing of the armistice which brought an end to World War

  • The changing face of the veteran: from the past to the future

    America has evolved and so too will the veterans of the future embody a new reality that will differ greatly from those just a generation past.The veterans of the future will come from a much more diverse background and be composed of a wider swath of government service than in the past; these

  • My father's father: a short story of one veteran

    It is hard to tell who is a veteran just by looking at someone on the street. Some people wear clothing that proudly displays their military affiliation; others carry the torch silently, without a word.I never knew that my grandfather was a veteran until I returned home after my first Air Force



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