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  • Overcoming injuries, heading to Wounded Warrior Games

    Three Airmen attended the Pacific Air Forces Wounded Warrior CARE Event in January, not knowing it would lead to each of them attending the Wounded Warrior Games this summer. Beginning in June, retired Chief Master Sgt. Garrett Kuwada and Master Sgt. Roger Hopkins will compete at the games held in Tampa, Florida, as primaries, and Senior Airman Faith Donato will serve as an alternate.
  • 15th AMXS, Hawaiian Airlines ohanas make improvements on the flight line

    Their uniforms, aircraft and missions may be different, but they share more in common than they know. Despite sharing the same flight line, the 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and Hawaiian Airlines maintainers never met until now. The 15th AMXS hosted Hawaiian Airlines as part of a continuous process improvement event to talk shop about maintenance, both military and civilian.
  • 735th Air Mobility Squadron maintainers open the gates to the Indo-Pacific

    They don’t have aircraft of their own, but the Airmen of the 735th Air Mobility Squadron play a key role in mission accomplishment for Air Mobility Command in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • 15th Wing celebrates the life of a Sky Warrior lost

    Staff Sgt. Rachel Wilson, U.S. Air Force Band of the Pacific vocalist, sings the national anthem during a memorial service held for retired Master Sgt. Byram Bates at the Missing Man Memorial on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, April 12, 2019. Bates enlisted in the Army Air Forces in 1940 and was stationed at Hickam Field during the attack
  • Hickam ohana welcomes Tyndall Airmen

    On Oct. 10, Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, as a Category 4 hurricane causing substantial damage to Tyndall Air Force Base. While Tyndall focuses on rebuilding, the mission must continue. “We are focused on taking care of our Airmen and their families and ensuring the resumption of operations. These decisions were important first steps to provide stability and certainty,” said Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson in the wake of Hurricane Michael.
  • Crew Chief for a Day: How Aircraft Get Off the Ground

    As Airmen, we constantly see Air Force aircraft flying in the skies. It can be motivating to see the most powerful planes in the world taking off, even from afar. On February 28th, it was like I had courtside seats with backstage passes to flight line operations as I got the opportunity to shadow a crew chief.
  • Air Force Aid Society helps Airman after hurricane evacuation

    Joining the Air Force, Senior Airman Ishmar Sanchez knew he would face many challenges, but he never imagined he would face one of the strongest hurricanes in the United States. As a San Juan, Puerto Rico, native, Sanchez was familiar with hurricanes, but Hurricane Michael was different because Sanchez had to ensure his wife and their two sons were safe.
  • Life lessons from life-long leaders

    Although the number of women serving in the U.S. military has increased, women represent less than 20 percent of the military.
  • Tails 05-5147 and 05-5148 make history

    Two parking chocks sit on display during the North Korea Aircraft Commemorative Plaque Ceremony on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, March 12, 2019. In 2018, two C-17 Globemaster IIIs, tail numbers 05-5147 and 05-5148, carried the remains of 55 American soldiers killed in the Korean War. During the ceremony, plaques were unveiled to identify
  • 647th ABG Chaplain Corps, empowering Airmen & strengthening teams

    Whether it’s physical, mental, social or spiritual, military service is demanding on Airmen and their families. While everyone who has raised their hand volunteered to follow the orders of those appointed over them, there is a toll that each service member pays for that commitment. Although there are several programs to assist Airmen with their physical, mental, and social needs, it is the mission of the 647th Air Base Group Chaplain Corps to ensure Airmen’s spiritual needs are being met.

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