JBPHH is currently under HPCON Level BRAVO

Now required to verify current vaccination status for all visitors via CDC vaccination card or DD Form 3150.  Unvaccinated visitors must provide proof of a negative COVID test.

 Unvaccinated members are required to provide negative test results at least once weekly or within three days of entering 15 WG facilities to their supervisors.

In conjunction with INDOPACOM and PACAF Guidance, masks are currently NOT required indoors at HPCON BRAVO with the exception of medical facilities.

Individual commanders may be more restrictive within their work centers if conditions necessitate.  We should continue to follow COVID risk mitigation measures like utilizing hand sanitizer and maintaining a 6' distance.

Note that individual tenants and base services may be more restrictive in mask wear policy, especially in high risk locations. 

Please continue to follow city and state guidance when off installation.

All personnel and patrons will comply with CDC and installation guidance.


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