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  • Memorial Day

    More than a million American service members have died in the wars and conflicts this nation fought since the first colonial soldiers took up arms in 1775 to fight for independence. Every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine who died fighting in these conflicts was someone's son or daughter, father or mother or friend. Each was a loss to the nation -
  • Team Hickam Adminstrative Assistants’ Week essay award winner: Airmen strive to shape IM’s future

    Throughout the evolution of the Administrative Specialist/Information Management career field lifecycle, malleability and drive have become mainstays to our survivability. With dramatic personnel cuts being experienced across the military, the Information Managers of today and tomorrow must once again reaffirm our importance while simultaneously
  • Don’t settle for just finishing the job

    Some time ago, I read a short story about the trials and tribulations suffered by the designers and builders of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a great story that illustrates determination and pride in one's accomplishments. The title of this story was "The test of a first-rate work is that you finish it." After I finished reading it, I asked myself a
  • Sometimes, it's all in the delivery

    Some people just seem to have a gift when it comes to communicating with people, while others seem to communicate in a fashion consistent with fingernails running down a chalkboard. So what makes some folks more successful than others?Why are some people able to get others to "climb on board" to support even the most difficult or menial of tasks?
  • Torres tackles tough times

    Many of you are probably noticing some subtle (and some not so subtle) changes going on at Hickam AFB. The grass doesn't seem to be getting cut as much as it used to, some services have been cut back a bit, some services previously free now carry a small fee. And some of these changes are probably making many of us a little uncomfortable. So what
  • Spiritual fitness—like water on poison ivy

    BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq -- Poison ivy--poison sumac! If you've never had it, you'll never know the sheer torture those four words represent. As a child I was a poison ivy and sumac magnet. We played outdoors all summer long and climbed trees that were covered with poison ivy and tramped through weeds filled with poison sumac. All this might not have
  • Abbreviating the core values - don't do it!

    We all have pet peeves, whether we want to admit it or not - those little somethings we see, hear or experience that really torque our jaws. Sometimes we don't know why these things bother us, we only know that they do. For a long time I've experienced that annoyance factor when I hear people speak about the Air Force core values and abbreviate
  • Attitude is everything

    Today, the Air Force is seeing many deployments, many cuts in our budgets, and many more challenges we must face. Our Core Values, our intense training, and our top of the line equipment are here to help us meet these day-to-day challenges. However, what can set us apart from the next country, the next unit, or even the next person, because we have

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