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  • Commentary: Drawing it all together

    As we enter a new year it is appropriate that we reflect not only on the accomplishments of the year we leave behind, but also on setting a vector for the coming year. Recently, I spent a day with Key Squadron, Group and Wing leaders within the 15th Wing, to develop priorities and a vision for our Wing that is focused on what we do and what the
  • 70th anniversary attack on Oahu

    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the December 7, 1941, attacks on Oahu. It is important that we take a moment to reflect and remember this seminal event in our nation's history. December 7th is the day that lives in infamy. It is the day we got caught with our guard down. And it was tragic, to be sure. On that fateful Sunday morning more than
  • Honoring history through today's service

    "A date which will live in infamy." President Roosevelt broadcast those words in his opening speech to Congress and the world the day following the attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base 69 years ago. These powerful words inspired Congress to declare war within an hour against Japan and its allies. I recently arrived here in Hawaii to my new duty
  • March celebrates women’s contributions, ‘plants seeds into future’

    Breaking the mold; trendsetters; tenacious; bold; visionary; focused; driven. Maybe those words and phrases can attest to the characteristics of women in the past that garner our attention today. The women from yesteryear with these characteristics helped reshape our world, our vision and our future. Women like Abigail Adams who supported of
  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam: The next step in partnership

    Continuing more than 70 years of serving side-by-side with our U.S. Navy Partners here at Pearl Harbor, we begin a new chapter as we stand up Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on Jan. 31. Just as we operate jointly in the AORs across the globe, with Initial Operational Capability of the Joint Base we solidify this new partnership at our home base as
  • Happy Holidays from PACAF leadership

    With the holiday season fast approaching, Chief Master Sgt. Brooke McLean and I and the entire HQ PACAF staff and our families want to offer a sincere thank you to the entire Pacific Air Forces team--military, civilians and family members--who have enabled continued success for our command in the Asia-Pacific region in 2009.This time of year allows
  • Domestic violence survivor: 'I made a successful escape'

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a survivor of domestic violence. It's been eight years since I broke away from my ex-husband/abuser, but I never take for granted how blessed I am to be alive. Shortly after I escaped my abuser, one of the first life-changing things I did was walk into the recruiter's office to join the Hawaii Air National Guard.
  • Don't stall on the 'All'

    "Excellence in All We Do"... it's one of our Air Force core values. Along with Integrity First and Service Before Self, it is intended to guide every one of our actions whether we're in the cockpit, on the flight line, at the Military Personnel Flight counter, or in the MTF clinic. In my more than 15 years of Air Force service, I have frequently
  • This Veteran's Day share the legacy

    We recently concluded our fall gathering of senior PACAF leaders where we were joined by Vietnam veterans Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Steve Ritchie and former Navy corpsman and Honolulu Advertiser publisher Lee Webber. General Ritchie is an acclaimed ace with five kills, and Mr. Webber defended against an enemy siege at Khe San for 77 days in 1968. In the
  • COMPACAF Announces Kick Off of Combined Federal Campaign

    Fellow Airmen, last year the men and women of Pacific Air Forces contributed via personal donations more than $2.3 million to the Combined Federal Campaign--their contributions helped make a difference through a multitude of charities. As Airmen, you live a voluntary lifestyle of serving others that truly makes a difference every day to thousands

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