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Commentary: Drawing it all together

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii -- As we enter a new year it is appropriate that we reflect not only on the accomplishments of the year we leave behind, but also on setting a vector for the coming year. Recently, I spent a day with Key Squadron, Group and Wing leaders within the 15th Wing, to develop priorities and a vision for our Wing that is focused on what we do and what the 15th Wing actually brings to the fight. The following is a result of our lively discussion that day.

The first order Gen. Carlisle gave to Wing commanders when he took command of Pacific Air Forces was, "you are all warriors and you need to be ready to go to war tonight." In support of this task, we developed an appropriate aim for our Wing:

15th Wing Vision:
"PACAF's premier Wing...Ready Airmen projecting decisive air power"

I love being part of the tradition and legacy of the Air Force and I'm proud of that ... and I hope you are too. Especially relevant to us here in Hawaii, in light of the 189 people who died on Hickam Field on Dec. 7, 1941, is the issue of readiness. When thinking about what you do on a day-to-day basis, always think of it in terms of readiness. Personally, mission readiness is more important to me than inspection readiness because at a moment's notice we need to be prepared to fight and win our nation's wars.

15th Wing Mission Statement:
"The mission of the 15th Wing is to develop and sustain combat-ready Airmen, in partnership with the total force, to provide global mobility, global reach, precision engagement, and agile combat support ... anytime ... anywhere"

Our Wing mission sets us up very well for our Wing priorities, all of which are essential in order to carry out Gen. Carlisle's order:
5 Wing Priorities:
Execute the mission
Ensure readiness
Develop our Airmen
Grow resilient Airmen and families
Strengthen Partnerships

If we develop our Airmen and grow resilient Airmen and families, I am certain all of the other things will fall into place.

As you carry forth into this new year, I ask that you rededicate yourself to our mission and perform you duties in accordance with three guiding principles: respect, accountability and common sense. Respect means developing a working environment where every Airman is comfortable working in common space together with the person next to them. Accountability; we must call each other out and give proper feedback ... good and bad. Finally, common sense, making sure that what we do to get the mission done is both safe and legal.

I am proud of you and I aim to ensure that you are proud to call yourself a member of the 15th as well. I leave you with the following words to live by:

15th Wing Motto:
"Powerful Airmen ... Always ready"

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