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  • Decking the halls

    Holiday decorations at the White House are not only part of the capital’s tradition during the winter season, but an Air Force family’s too.
  • Securing the cyber mission

    The 747th Communications Squadron Mission Defense Team was created in 2017 as part of a larger Air Force initiative to handle threats from an ever evolving cyber landscape.
  • Taking it to the next degree

    The Air Force provides tuition assistance as a way for Airmen to pay for school to further their education while serving.
  • Guarding cyberspace

    Security is important on a military installation, from gates and guards to fences and ID checks, but another aspect of base security involves communications and cyberspace.
  • Aeromedical innovation earns A/TA award

    One of the 15th Wing’s own was awarded the Airlift/Tanker Association Young Leader Award, an award given to only 12 Airmen across the force every year.
  • Garden produces ‘growth mindset’

    During COVID-19, many people picked up new ways to pass the time, such as gardening.
  • Financial advisors: An Airman’s resource

    For military members, learning how to perform their jobs is a top priority, but learning how to manage finances is just as important.
  • Times change, MFLC support remains

    The Department of Defense launched the Military and Family Life Counseling program in Germany to assist servicemembers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Civilian veterans: continuing to serve

    For many veterans, their service is completed when they retire from the military, but for some retired military members, they continue to serve as civilians.
  • COVID Clinic: Defending against the pandemic

    The 15th Medical Group is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic here, and the COVID-19 Clinic lies at the center of their efforts.



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