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AMC commander announcers her command priorities

AMC commander announcers her command priorities

COMPACAF Virtual All-Call Featuring General Kenneth Wilsbach

COMPACAF Virtual All-Call Featuring General Kenneth Wilsbach

  • Feeding the force

    The current COVID-19 policy for military members coming from out of state requires a 14-day restriction of movement.
  • Civil Air Patrol: Aviation’s best-kept secret

    Civil Air Patrol serves the state of Hawaii by operating local missions both in the air and on the ground.
  • Not missing a beat: 15th MDG flies newborn for emergency heart surgery

    Shortly after birth, Olivia Callaway was immediately rushed to Kapi’oplani Medical Center for Women and Children’s newborn intensive care unit and diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening heart condition.
  • Happy 73rd birthday, Air Force!

    Looking at our aircraft now, it may be hard to believe that American air power started with Benjamin Franklin thinking about using hot-air balloons in warfare in 1783.
  • I felt Powerless to #BeThere to “Protect my Ohana”

    I will never forget the devastating shock. I had no idea she wanted to die—she was smart, beautiful, and quite hilarious. She had expressed excitement about her spring break trip to California to see the Broadway play, Hamilton. Our family was struggling, but what could have made her feel like this?
  • Aloha to the dog days

    The dog days of summer, officially from July 22 through August 22 every year, are thought to be the hottest days of the year. The term surfaced from the ancient Romans, naming the part of the year in respect of their dog constellation, the cluster Sirius.
  • Finance visits becoming easier

    The 15th Comptroller Squadron is implementing a new virtual program to make Air Force finance matters easier.
  • Special warfare gets a level up

    After a 1,500-feet leap of faith to the ground, a Tactical Air Control Party Airman is responsible for directing airstrikes at the right time and place.
  • Civilian Personnel Office: Mission critical, COVID hardened

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Department of Defense works to adjust its policies to keep everyone safe while meeting mission requirements.
  • Beat the heat

    As summer continues and the weather gets hotter, Airmen need to be aware of the risks of outdoor work to stay cool and safe.

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