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Airmen encouraged to feel like millionaires

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR HICKAM, Hi. -- Air Force members of all ranks and pay grades are now equally equipped with the information they need to "Feel Like a Million" thanks to a new interactive online health program managed by the Hickam Air Force Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center and the Naval Health Clinic Hawaii health promotion team.

"Feel like a Million" is a 12 week program aimed at helping servicemembers feel their best while improving overall health. To accomplish this, the program awards virtual monetary units by practicing healthy habits in five core areas: moving matters, food to fuel, better balance, on purpose, and potpourri. The goal of the participant is to accumulate $1 million virtual dollars. The program is open to all servicemembers as well as adult community members who are 18 years of age or older.

According to Col. Maureen Mintzlaff, 15th Medical Group Individual Mobilization Augmentee Reservist to Air Force Medical Operations Agency, the program is being employed because of its focus on balanced wellness rather than simply eating right and exercising.

"We picked this state-of-the-art program because it not only emphasized physical activity, but also promoted a balance in all aspects of one's life," Col. Mintzlaff said. "Through research, we found that someone's success in achieving health was more about building wellness within that person. With this program, we are looking at the total body, mind, and spirit."

As of Feb. 5, approximately 300 people had registered for the online program.

Ms. Amanda Soni, 15th Aeromedical Dental Squadron HPARC Health and Wellness registered dietician, echoed the importance of embracing wellness as a balanced way of life.

"The Air Force is trying to create an overall health and wellness culture. A lot of people think just being fit and passing the test contributes to overall wellness. You can't achieve that level of fitness without nutrition the health of the total body, mind, and spirit."

"It doesn't just start with individuals," she said. "It's a culture that focuses on getting families involved because home lives have a lot to do with overall wellness. Incorporating families, friends, squadrons, etc. builds a sense of camaraderie when they all work together as well as contributing to the health of the Air Force as a whole."

To register for the program, visit http://hickam.ifeellikeamillion.com. Team sizes are limited to no more than 12 participants. For more information, call the Hickam HPARC at 448-6170.

(Blair Martin contributed to this article)

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