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Mark your calendars, July 2nd is the 515 AMOW's Blood Drive You can Walk in or make an Appointment at: https://www.militarydonor.com/index.cfm?group=op&step=2&opid=80242&opidh=114F74DBOBD203BDA6D4EB3A87EF4467&idt=43272.7331944
Team, We are thrilled to announce our newest 515 AMOW Senior Master Sergeants! This promotion is a direct result of your leadership, hard work and dedicated efforts toward taking care of Airmen and their families! Congratulations on your promotion...wear it proudly! (S)MSgt Raphael Anthony, 732 AMS (S)MSgt Rico Perez, DPAA (inbound 731 AMS) (S)MSgt Ray Pontemayor, 730 AMS (S)MSgt David Roberts, 515 AMOW (S)MSgt David Schummer, 51 FW (previous 731 AMS First Sergeant)
It is our sincere pleasure to announce the 515 AMOW 4th Quarter Award winners. We are extremely proud of our nominees for their outstanding contributions and teamwork supporting AMC’s Rapid Global Mobility mission! AMN - SRA SAE YANG, 731 AMS NCO - SSGT ROBERT GOODY, 735 AMS SNCO - MSGT CHRISTIAN RUIZ, 730 AMS SAFETY - MSGT CHRISTOPHER SIMMONS, 735 AMS CGO - 1ST LT ROED M. S. MEJIA, 731 AMS CIV CAT I - MS. ROSELYN DIAZ, 733 AMS CIV CAT II - MR. JOLLY TANGOG, 732 AMS
The 515 AMOW Holiday Party was a success! Thank you to everyone that contributed to make this a wonderful event. A special thank you to TSgt Gowen and his team on the outstanding pictures. We would like to wish everyone and their families a wonderful holiday season.
Starting on 11 December 1988, two C-141s flew with relief supplies to the city of Yerevan, Armenia, after a huge earthquake on 7 December killed more than 40,000 people and left another 500,000 homeless. A C-5 also carried supplies to Incirlik AB, Turkey. Over a further 20 missions throughout December, MAC delivered 572 tons of rescue equipment, blankets, tents, and medical supplies. For the first time, US aircraft flew directly to the Soviet Union without Soviet personnel on board as observers
Congratulationson on our newest CMSgt selectees! Job well done on achieving the highest rank of the enlisted force. CMSgt Select William Palmer CMSgt Select Michael Deiderich
On 8-9 December 1979, with political tensions and anti-government disturbances in Iran beginning to threaten the safety of US military dependents living in the country, the Joint Chiefs of Staff tasked Military Airlift Command to provide airlift assistance to dependents that wished to leave Iran voluntarily. Two C-5 and nine C-141 Special Assignment Airlift Missions airlifted 903 persons from Mehrabad Airport in Tehran to Dover AFB, DE, McGuire AFB, NJ, and Rhein-Main AB, Germany."
Every year, the Logistics Readiness Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations within the logistics community for outstanding contributions to the success of the AF and Department of Defense (DoD) missions. As a wing with such a high concentration of outstanding logisticians, these awards are a true testament to you and your team's resolve and outstanding achievements. It is my sincere pleasure to announce our 515 AMOW Annual Logistics Readiness Individual/Unit Award Nominees: Amn: SrA John Dennis, 730 AMS NCO: SSgt Jacob Kozlowski, 731 AMS SNCO: SMSgt Chad Weaver, 731 AMS CGO: 2d Lt Michael DeMasi, 730 AMS FGO: Maj Robert Rabon, 733 AMS Civ Cat I: Lourdes Mendiola, 734 AMS Civ Cat II: Cheryl Mullen, 735 AMS Small Air Terminal: 732 AMS Large Air Terminal: 735 AMS Congratulations and good luck competing at the MAJCOM Level
515 AMOW Team, It is my sincere pleasure to announce the 515 AMOW 3rd Quarter Award winners. It is truly astonishing to read the individual accomplishments and impact our Airmen have on our customers, community, and AMC at large. The quality nominations we continually received make this decision difficult every quarter. Chief Donaldson and I are proud of all nominees for their outstanding work and dedication supporting Rapid Global Mobility! Airman: A1C Alfred Perkins, 734 AMS NCO: TSgt Daniel Arrez, 735 AMS SNCO: MSgt Reynaldo Penamora, 735 AMS Safety: TSgt Justin Tatem, 731 AMS CGO: Capt Aaron Bowens, 734 AMS Civ Cat I: Mr. Eric Hord, 730 AMS Civ Cat II: Mr. Mario Perez, 735 AMS Keep up the outstanding work! Col Zippwald
On 24 November 1964, five USAF C-130s dropped 350 paratroops of the Belgian Army Para-Commando Regiment onto Simi-Simi Airport on the outskirts of Stanleyville (now Kisangani) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Designated Operation RED DRAGON (DRAGON ROUGE), the operation was in response to unrest in the Congo and breakdown of negotiations surrounding the mostly European population in the town that had been taken hostage by communist-backed rebels. Once the paratroopers had secured the airfield, they made their way to the town's Victoria Hotel to recover the hostages and evacuate them via the airfield. Over the four day period, 1700 refugees were airlifted by the USAF to safety
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