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Base Contact

Civilian Personnel                  (808) 449-0100                    COMM Focal Point           (808) 449-0737

Military Personnel                   (808) 449-8624                   JBPHH Chaplain               (808) 449-1754

Airman & Family Readiness   (808) 449-0301                   Education Office                (808) 448-0077

Hale Aina DFAC                     (808) 449-0718                   Hickam Clinic Appt            (888) 683-2778

Pass & Id                                (808) 449-0870                   Finance                              (808) 449-0893

Security Forces                      (808) 471-3392                    VA Representative            (808) 449-6368




Check out GreatLifeHawaii for all the information you need on programs and activities by MWR, Family Support, Wounded Warrior and Housing programs.



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Mail Forwarding

 All General Delivery mail services are managed by the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Regional Mail Center.

You may request a temporary General Delivery mailing address by sending a request to You can also call 808-473-7919 for further information.

A General Delivery Address is as follows:

General Delivery ATTN: RANK AND NAME

1025 Quincy Ave.

JBPHH, HI 96860

**Note: The General Delivery Mailing Address can only be used for 60 days.


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