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March celebrates women’s contributions, ‘plants seeds into future’

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR HICKAM, Hawaii -- Breaking the mold; trendsetters; tenacious; bold; visionary; focused; driven. Maybe those words and phrases can attest to the characteristics of women in the past that garner our attention today.

The women from yesteryear with these characteristics helped reshape our world, our vision and our future. Women like Abigail Adams who supported of women's rights; Deborah Sampson who fought in the Revolutionary War pretending to be a man; Sacagawea, the guide and interpreter for Louis and Clark; Sojourner Truth who spoke out against slavery; Susan B. Anthony who formed the National Woman's Suffrage Association; Florence Nightingale who is considered the founder of modern nursing; Clara Barton who founded the American Red Cross; Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman physician; Marie Curie a famous scientist who won two Nobel prizes; Helen Keller who overcame blindness and deafness and graduated from Radcliffe; Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who was the Chairman of the United Nations Human Rights Commission; Mother Theresa who received the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Calcutta, India with the Missionaries of Charity; Sandra Day O'Connor the first woman to serve as associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court; Oprah Winfrey a talk show host, movie actress and entrepreneur.

The list of influential women can go on and on.

This year's national theme is "Writing Women Back into History." Another common phrase comes to my mind: "Lest we Forget." It is important to remember the distinctive accomplishments and contributions of Women to America. It is with this spirit and intent that the Hickam Women's History Month committee intends to plant seeds into our future Women of America - to aide them in becoming all they can be by adding tools to their toolkit of success.

Five young ladies will have the honor of competing in the 3rd annual Teen Scholarship Event. This is not a traditional "pageant." These ladies have to have a 3.0 grade point average, letter of recommendation from their teacher or principal, and write an essay related to the theme to be considered.

Once accepted, they must attend practices, along with an empowerment seminar that include topics such as dressing for success and interviewing skills, to name a couple. The most important aspect is watching these ladies from start to finish evoke more confidence, knowledge and growth in character. We are investing in our future generation -- the ones that will write their names into history.

And finally, a challenge. What are you doing to ensure women's accomplishments are being written into history or doing things worth mentioning - have you thanked mentors, mothers, friends or associates who have helped you? What will be written about you when you are no longer around to contribute? Please, make your life a mission of meaning and enrichment.

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