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What is Green Dot?

Hundreds of research studies have shown that thousands in the US and around the world are victims of sexual assault, partner violence, stalking, or child abuse every year. Each incident hurts us all. These acts of violence are like red dots covering a map, much like an epidemic spreading out of control if not stopped. Each person has the ability to create change by actions that misplace red dots.

A PROACTIVE green dot is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for any type of abuse. A proactive green dot is intervening in a high risk situation-a proactive green dot is talking to your friends about how you feel about violence- a proactive green dot is hanging a prevention poster in your room or office- a proactive green dot is wearing your green dot gear-a proactive green dot is putting a link on your website to your local prevention program-a proactive green dot is organizing training for your organization. A proactive green dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make your community safer! 

A REACTIVE green dot is the choices we make in response to a situation that may be high risk or might lead to a choice to cause harm to another. If you are in a situation that triggers your gut , instead of walking away thinking, "this is none of my business" take a moment to check in, make a phone call, or get someone involved. A reactive green dot is --stepping in when you notice something is not quite right is in the work center-a reactive green dot is walking a friend home when they've had too much to drink- a reactive green dot is telling a friend or co-worker to back off when you know the other person is not interested. Reactive Green Dots are for YOU to do when you use the three D's. Direct, Distract, and Delegate.

Direct-Confront the situation.

Distract- Changes the conversation and energy of the interaction by averting attention with something else like dancing, a problem, food, bathroom break.

Delegate-finding someone else who you feel will be more successful in fixing the problem (bartender, other friends, public safety, an officer, etc.).

So let me ask you, "What's Your Green Dot

How to get invovled

What's Your Green Dot? We can stop violence and your part of the solution through your words, choices, and actions at any given moment.

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Story of the Month

Colonel Hartman established the 692 ISRG NCO Green Dot Capstone Event Committee which included Capt Phaelen French, MSgt Justin Harper and MSgt Marie Mahoney.  They planned, coordinated and executed  a combination of staged, ad hoc  scenarios and briefings from base helping agencies that fostered bystander intervention and reinforced violence prevention, to include dating/domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.   The Ad hoc scenarios required NCOs to put to practice the 3Ds, to engage in escalating situations and prevent the development of a red dot.   The event supported nearly 250 attendees.  The 692 ISRG Green Dot Capstone illustrates the Air Force strategy of violence prevention across 692 ISRG and Team Oahu.  Unit members received the message that  “It won’t end unless we all make a choice to do something.”


Mr. Christopher Veazie is the Deputy Chief, Exercise Division, PACAF.  Additionally, he coaches girls basketball at a local high school.  Mr. Veazie begin to reset norms on the team that had previously yielded  to hurtful behaviors between team mates through words in person as well as on social media.  Mr. Veazie wanted to be proactive and create a culture  of connectedness and belonging.  He established a routine where team mates go “APE” for one another which means Acknowledge– Praise—Encourage all teammates  on and off the court.  This proved significant when a team mate lost her farther.  The  team  connection  was critical during this time of need.  Mr. Veazie is making a difference in the community , “One Green Dot At a Time.”


An Airman from the 8th Intelligence Squadron displayed great courage and moral fortitude by assisting a female sailor. After her shift, the A1C came across a heavily intoxicated female sailor being escorted by 3 male sailors. The A1C offered assistance, but was quickly rebuked. Being uncomfortable with the situation, and out of concern for the female sailors safety, she utilized her chain of command and quickly notified Security Forces. She refused to the leave the situation and remained on scene until Security Forces arrived. She then escorted Security Forces to the room where the male sailors had carried the female sailor, and ensured that Security Forces had all the information that they needed and had the situation under control. Her swift actions perfectly exemplified the Green Dot philosophy and went above and beyond to ensure the safety of the female sailor, especially in recognizing a potential "Red Dot" situation, and acting to prevent further escalation.


SSgt Richard Nydam, from the 15 MXG demonstrated Green Dot  Concepts when he intervened  to assist an 11 year old who showed warning signs of suicide.  SSgt Nydam noticed a boy crying on the playground.  About 30 minutes later, he went back outside and noticed the young boy was still crying.  After a few questions, the boy revealed he did not want to live anymore due to problems at home.  He refused to disclose where he lived.  SSgt Nydam had his wife sit with the boy while he attempted to call family advocacy and family services.  The young boy became very angry.  SSgt Nydam called base dispatch, and the boy received medical care.  SSgt Nydam's actions embody the Green Dot Motto, "Nobody has  to do everything but everyone has to do something. "  


SSgt Alissa Dias, 735 AMS, is a Weapons System Controller who recently defined the meaning of Living the Green Dot by practicing the 3Ds to intervene and stop a potential red dot from occurring. She leveraged Air Force training to intervene and deescalate a domestic violence situation while sitting in traffic.  First, she DISTRACTED the couple by getting out of her car and standing in front of their car to draw the man's attention.  Secondly, she DIRECTLY spoke to the individual assaulting the young woman.  Finally, she DELEGATED by calling the proper authorities, the Honolulu Police Department.  Her quick actions epitomized what it means to "Live the Green Dot" by saving an innocent woman from being abused in front of her infant child and 5 year old son.  The woman was so grateful that she contacted the Honolulu Police and gave the information she remembered from SSgt Dias's car tag  The Honolulu Police Department Detective praised SSgt Dias for her bravery and cooperation.